I will no longer be posting here.  Please update your feeders to http://www.maephotodesign.com/blog

Head over there right now!  I’ve added some new photos this week and I’m excited to show off my new blog!

Spent the weekend on a sleepy Northwestern beach.  More photos to come…

A couple from one of my favorite sessions.  This girl was just darling!

It was such a rainy day yesterday that I felt like buying myself some flowers.  I have to add the disclaimer that I am horrible at flower arrangements…but whatever makes you happy, no?


One shot from the weekend.

The tree in my yard that makes me want to skip my way up the front steps.

A scene from my work commute.  My morning routine used to consist of a 6:30am Starbucks stop, 99x radio and the traffic jungle that is Atlanta.  It wasn’t so bad, but who knew it could be like this!  Thirteen minutes of driving…including crossing a suspension bridge, driving underneath a runway, beautiful scenery…all to arrive at an office that HAS A WINDOW and overlooks the Puget Sound.

Lucky self, I spy some sunshine this morning!


Here, a quick interruption from the California shots.