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wedding! a few favorites.

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sweet chocopup.

We buy dogs on a whim. Granted, we limit ourselves to two (I am determined to not become that crazy pet lady with the stinky house), but we have yet to plan our adoptions.

She is a chocolate lab with beautiful green eyes.

Kinder (see: German chocolate brand, also translates to “child”) at 9 weeks:

sleepyhead 🙂

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I’m notorious for traveling and NOT doing the touristy things. I lived in Colorado for six months, and have made numerous visits to Colorado Springs, but I have never been to Pike’s Peak…the caverns…or any of the other famous tourist spots. I took a trip to London and realized one day before returning to the states that I had not seen any of the big attractions (Big Ben, etc). I saw it all in four hours one morning.

So, I guess I am teaching myself ‘how to be a tourist.’ My playground: San Antonio, TX.

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tribute to lomography.

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