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In December 2008, I was visiting home in Atlanta and sat down to make my New Year’s Resolutions for 2009.  It turns out that I didn’t feel like making goals for 2009.  I felt like traveling.  And so I did.  My list?  New York City.  Los Angeles.  Salt Lake City.  Santa Fe.  DC.  Vancouver.  Del Rio.

I made it everywhere (plus some!) except for Santa Fe, which has rolled over onto my list for 2010.

To begin, I want to post some photos from my new home.  Aside from the fact that I really, really hate the winter weather in the Pacific Northwest, I have to say that I feel very lucky to live here.  I’ve always wanted to live in Seattle, so you can say that I am checking off something from my Life List. Lucky me.

New York City.

I {heart} NYC.  You will find me there often.  I hope.

Magnolia Bakery [ala SNL’s Lazy Sunday.  I hope this song is in your head right now.]

Vancouver, BC

[When you see my face, hope it gives you hell.]

Del Rio, TX

I felt so bohemian in this moment…riding the Greyhound from San Antonio to Del Rio.  My life is weird.

Yes.  Union Cafe Fish Tacos DO deserve an entire post.

Random Dude With Snake just strolling around San Antonio. (?!)

Salt Lake City, UT

Amarillo, TX : Caddy Graveyard

Los Angeles, CA

Texas, Again, For A Wedding.

And Then it was Summer.

Which is for picking blueberries.

A Perfect Day with the girls.

Jimi Hendrix relics!

Vintage racing.

More pretty cars.

Sunny days at work.

Strolling through Seattle with dear friends.

Fields of Tulips…a sight I never imagined I would see in real life.

Floating the river in Levenworth, WA



Finding hidden places in your town.

The Hub in Tacoma

Home [Atlanta, GA]

The Globe in Athens.

Washington, DC

When the Fall came around, it was time for a ROAD TRIP.  Washington, Oregon, California.

Crossing the state border into Portland.

Eugene, OR

California Mountains

The Full House House!

San Francisco, CA

Portland, OR

Christmas in Atlanta

The University of Georgia

Coast to Coast

Brooklyn, NY to San Francisco, CA.  From my 2009 Travels.

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