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It has been SEVERAL months since I have updated this site (I do have a good excuse). We finally arrived to our new home (though we have yet to close on our actual house) in Tacoma, Washington! Yes, this was a change of plans for us but we are happy to be here in this beautiful emerald city!

Getting the photography “thing” set up here is going slowly since we are not quite settled. I did want to share some photos that I have taken over the past few months. If only to prove that I am still alive and still a happy shutterbug.

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a friend and fellow photographer came to visit.  naturally, we had a lot of time on our hands so we went out to exchange ideas and have a mini-photoshoot.

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just a couple…

A few photos from J & J’s wedding (May 20th).  I was a bridesmaid, so I didn’t carry my camera around like I normally would have, but here are a few pre-wedding shots. 🙂

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sweet chocopup.

We buy dogs on a whim. Granted, we limit ourselves to two (I am determined to not become that crazy pet lady with the stinky house), but we have yet to plan our adoptions.

She is a chocolate lab with beautiful green eyes.

Kinder (see: German chocolate brand, also translates to “child”) at 9 weeks:

sleepyhead 🙂

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I’m notorious for traveling and NOT doing the touristy things. I lived in Colorado for six months, and have made numerous visits to Colorado Springs, but I have never been to Pike’s Peak…the caverns…or any of the other famous tourist spots. I took a trip to London and realized one day before returning to the states that I had not seen any of the big attractions (Big Ben, etc). I saw it all in four hours one morning.

So, I guess I am teaching myself ‘how to be a tourist.’ My playground: San Antonio, TX.

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